Areas of Expertise

Wellbeing Therapy

Wellbeing comprises many aspects of life.  It isn’t just about being physically and mentally healthy.  At One Wellbeing, as the name suggests, takes a holistic view of an individual’s experience of life made up from factors of physiology, psychology, emotions, nutrition and resilience.  I believe looking after the self is the most important job a person has.

Wellbeing encompasses a broad range of topics from nutrition and fitness to confidence, stress management, decision making and organization skills.  See the FAQs but essentially if there’s something you want to change in your life, At One Wellbeing may be able to help you make that change.

This isn’t counselling, personal training or nutritional instruction but a space to explore these topics and how they can be improved.  I will use my listening skills, personal experience and expertise on relationships to facilitate changes to attain better wellbeing. 

Wellbeing Therapy may benefit those who live with anxiety and depression or are on a waiting list for counselling or mental health services and would like to explore ways to support themselves while they wait.

Areas I am particularly interested in are personal development, increasing self-awareness, following through on commitments, confidence and stress management.

Sessions currently take place online or as walk-and-talk in the Reading and Southampton areas (covid-19 dependent).

I offer a 15 minute no obligation call free of charge to ascertain if this is right for you.


Standalone sessions: £30 per session.


Block of 4 or more: £25 per session.  


As I do not believe money should be a barrier to accessing wellbeing services I also have limited space for sessions with reduced fees.  


All payments are required in advance of sessions.

Reflective Practice and Peer Support

Many of us spend more time interacting with colleagues than we do friends and family and work can be a big contributor to stress in life.  It is therefore vital that we have support when it comes to our careers.  

A cohesive team is more likely to operate effectively and wellbeing is now an important factor for people when choosing an employer.  It is therefore in everyone's interests for employers to support their teams.

Whether your team works in a helping profession such as nursing, policing, support or teaching or your team is more administration based, providing a safe, non-judgemental & understanding space for employees to learn from and support each other as well as discuss stressors can improve the wellbeing of the entire team leading to a more content workforce.

I work with small groups to facilitate open and honest conversations around workload, best practice, development and work-life balance. For those in helping professions, additional focuses can be reflective practice, ethical considerations, boundaries and self-care.

Sessions currently take place online.


“Liam’s Reflective Practice & Peer Support service is of fundamental importance to Resilient Pilot and its mentors; not only to our ethos, but also to the wellbeing of our team and, in turn, our members.  His pragmatic and realistic approach endears itself to our diverse team and functions, and his inputs and best practice guidance have proven invaluable to the positive evolvement and growth of our organisation.”  Resilient Pilot (  


"I have benefited greatly from the sessions that Liam has run. These have been an integral part of my own self-development journey."


"Liam creates an open and positive environment for exploring your own understanding of situations and the stresses you might be dealing with, and finding your own direction and methods for resolving these."

"Liam is extremely professional and supportive, and has a fantastic way of listening and helping you develop your own strengths, confidence and personal well-being." R, Pilot Mentor


Groups of up to 5: £60 per session.

To support the work of not-for-profit organisations, I also have limited space for sessions with reduced fees.



My Approach

Every person is different and has an individual experience of life. The way I work is underpinned by this belief. 


To facilitate you making the changes you feel are most important for your wellbeing, I work in a way that is; non-judgemental, impartial, confidential, non-prescriptive, non-directive and tailored to you.


Most people have the same destination but the roads that get there are different. I won’t tell you which way to go but can help you consider the paths in front of you.


At One Wellbeing therapy can help you to make yourself a priority and set you on a path to fulfilling your potential and leading a more wellbeing-oriented life.


"Liam has a supportive, professional and welcoming style. I always get so much out of our time together and cannot recommend him enough!" RPPS attendee

“Liam has a natural ability to turn what feel like complex scenarios in your head into simple solutions, simply by asking you questions that encourage you to view things from a different perspective. Thank you for everything you do.” (Christian, Pilot Mentor)